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  • How do I join Cub Scout Pack 471?
    Send a message to us thru the Contact Us email form on the Home Page.
  • Is Pack 471 a coed pack?
    Yes, Pack 471 is a coed pack.
  • What is the difference between the registration fee and dues?
    The registration fee is paid to the BSA in order to obtain and retain membership in the organization. Dues are paid directly to the pack to help us provide a quality Scouting program. The pack does not receive any funds from the BSA.
  • What does it cost to be in Cub Scouts?
    There are four different costs associated with Scouting. Registration Fee-The membership fee to join and belong to the Boy Scouts of America is $66. The actual cost to join is based on what month your Scout joins, as the fee is prorated. This fee is paid annually to BSA. Dues-The dues are paid to the pack and help us to provide a quality Scouting program. Dues are $100 per year, paid in $10 monthly increments from September-May (double payment in May). Dues are also prorated based on the month your Scout joins. Fifth grade Scouts pay $60, as they move up to Scouts, BSA at the end of February. Other payment arrangements are available, if needed. Dues may be lowered depending on participation in adult leadership and/or popcorn fundraiser. Uniform-Each Scout needs to have a uniform and handbook. The cost of the uniform, required patches, hat, belt and handbook is $80-$100 (depending on rank). This cost does not repeat each year; depending on which rank your Scout joins at, the uniform may last several years. Uniform assistance is available, if needed. Optional Boys Life Subscription-Boys Life is the national BSA magazine and is offered at $12/year (prorated based on join month).
  • What are dues used for?
    Dues, combined with money earned from fundraising, helps to cover many pack costs. All awards earned by the Scouts, Pinewood Derby cars, Raingutter Regatta boats, pack meeting programs and a summer pool party are just some of what the money is used for. Additionally, each den leader is provided with a small budget to help cover den meeting costs.
  • What are the uniform requirements?
    For Lions, our pack requires the Lions t-shirt and denim or khaki shorts/pants/skirt. The Lion neckerchief, slide & hat are all optional items. For Tigers, Wolves & Bears, our pack requires the blue Cub Scouts uniform shirt (with required patches), neckerchief, slide, belt, and denim or khaki shorts/pants/skirt. The hat is an optional but highly suggested item. For Webelos and Arrows of Light, our pack requires the khaki Boy Scouts uniform shirt (with required patches), neckerchief, slide, belt, and denim, khaki, or olive shorts/pants/skirt. The hat is an optional but highly suggested item. Please visit for more information regarding the uniforms.
  • Where do I buy the uniform?
    Denver Area Council Scout Shop: 10455 W. 6th Ave Lakewood, CO 80215 303-477-4830 (This is our home store and offers a larger selection) Longs Peak Council Scout Shop: 1075 E. South Boulder Rd Louisville, CO 80027 303-447-8511 Online:
  • Do we have to sell popcorn?
    Participation in the popcorn sales fundraiser is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged. This fundraiser provides us with a significant source of income, so we do hope that all Scouts choose to participate. We do offer incentives to help encourage participation, as well as storefront sales opportunities.
  • Do you sell Camp Cards?
    No, at this time we do not participate in the Camp Cards fundraiser.
  • What is the time commitment from a parent?
    Parental time commitment can vary based on your Scouts’ age. Parents of Lions (Kindergartners) and Tigers (1st graders) are required to participate in all activities with their Scouts. This involves attendance at twice monthly den meetings, plus the pack meeting and any other pack events they choose to participate in. Parents of older Scouts are highly encouraged to participate in activities with their Scouts, too, and we ask that parents remain with their Scouts at service projects and other events. Additionally, we ask that parents consider taking on a leadership role within our pack.
  • I’d like to help in a leadership role! How can I find out what needs the pack has and how I can help?
    Upon registration, or at any time thereafter, you can speak to the Committee Chair, Cubmaster or your den leader.
  • Are siblings welcome at pack events?
    Most of the time, yes. Cub Scouts is a Family Scouting program and therefore we welcome siblings at most pack activities. However, there may be restrictions on activities they can participate in, and they will not earn any awards or patches (unless they too are registered Scouts). Please note that siblings are NOT allowed to attend the storefront popcorn sales.
  • When and where do you meet?
    See our home page for meeting information.
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